martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

The role of a man and a woman in society

Chile is a very traditionalist country, had kept their costumes for a long time since colony under Spanish domination. The men conquer the woman; they forced them to submit to his authority like an inferior kind of people. This was for the conception about the weakness between genders.

In Chile is very difficult being a woman because we have a little discrimination in many kind of things like work, relationships, etc.

There are exceptions in this country, for many reasons.

In the present, the conception about the weakness of the women’s is disappearing because they assume men`s roles since war times like world wars, They replaced his role in the industry and like Family chief. The men`s in other cases changing some roles like father/mother at same time .Some works that was especially for the women and vice versa.

Sometimes, It depends on the work to which he devotes himself. In the majority of the works, the payment is more raised for the men

In the majority of the homes, the woman is who do most thins at home, because the discrimination of gender that exists throughout the time, as for the division of the work between man and women

I think that for both the life is not easy in this country, every gender has his pressures and obligations, identical to his capacities.

I believe that if, because both we are human beings, that we deserve the same respect and worthy treatment in any aspect of the life

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

My favorite piece of Technology : Cellphone

My favorite piece of technology is my cell phone, my mom give to me in my last birthday and I was very happy with this gift.

I use to call my friends , my family, to take pictures ,listen music , organize my schedule ,play Pacman , I always use my cell phone all the days .

I like my cell phone because is pink, small and square , haves a touch screen, Digital Camera and MP3 player, for me is all in one. It`s very useful to me especially when I travel to other places.

My life without my cell phone could be strange because it have everything that I want in a cell phone, when I choose it; I was looking for a long time. It was love at first sight.

If my cell phone doesn’t exist I think that my life will be different and more boring , because I enjoy the time with my cell phone .

I know this is not essential to live but for me is a way to make easier my life and I love my cell phone with my materialism heart , and I don’t care about the others opinion about that.

martes, 12 de abril de 2011

What is a good friend?

In my life experience, a good friend always makes life seem so much easier and better. I can share good times with them.

Complete acceptance is one of the key elements in any human relationship. If you are a good friend, you need to completely accept your friend's troubles.
Sometimes, a friend is like a brother or sister because we have a great love between us and take care of each other

A true friend is who support you in bad and good things, never say never to give some advice. When I feel sad, a good friend knows what to say when bad things happen.

The patience and Honesty is indispensable in any relationship, in a friendship is the most important thing. The friends must be respecting each other in all kind of things.

A good friend won't try to steal your girlfriend or boyfriend, your job or your personality.

Even when your friend thinks you are wrong, he or she will first try and convince you, but if that fails.